Wilton Classic and Supercar Show 2014

Wilton Classic and Supercar Show 2014

I'd been looking forward to going to the Wilton Classic and Supercar Show for a while now. 

The show took place in the grounds of the Wilton House Estate, near Salisbury.

The Wilton Classic and Supercar Show 2014 is an annual event, now in it's sixth year,

and took place on Sunday10th August. The show is the brain child of Lord Pembroke

the current resident of this ancestral home and his friend Jay Broom,

and was set up to share their love of classic and supercars with the public.

The show was suitable for all the family and had something to offer the local residents as well as avid petrol heads.

Major car manufactures were given the opportunity to showcase their latest cars, hot off the production line.

This years event hosted a demonstration rally event too.

The weather on Sunday started off wet and windy but it didn't discourage the crowds

who travelled from all over the UK to share a little bit of car culture.

Let me tell you more...

Stella Scordellis 1959 Chevrolet Corvette

What Was On Display

There was a broad selection of cars on display including the only Aston Martin Bertone Jet in the world.

McLaren P1 a selection of Ferrari's

including a 1957 250 Testa Rossa and the Bugatti EB10 and the car above the 1959 Chevrolet Corvette.

The centre piece for the "head to head" theme for the show,

in which classic icons met their modern counterparts, was the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing

and SLS AMG,  and also showcasing the BMW M1 and i8, Lamborghini Miura and Huracan.

Stella Scordellis Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing and SLS AMG

The parade of over 150 supercars featured marques such as Bugatti, Pagani, McLaren, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

In front of Wilton House’s south façade, on the South Lawn, visitors could get up close to some rarely seen classics,

fortunately by this time the sun was out, umbrellas down, coats off and engines roaring.

Rally Car Display

The grounds also boasted a real life high-speed demonstration of superb Group B rally cars on an authentic rally stage,

with the Race2Recovery team joining

the action in the Bowler Wildcats that they fielded in the gruelling Dakar Rally earlier this year.

Stella Scordellis Ferraris Wilton Classic and Supercar show 2014

My Car Photography Exhibition

I will be launching my inaugural exhibition at Chartwell in Westerham, Kent, the family home of Sir Winston Churchill, featuring some of the most iconic cars from each of the decades he lived there, between 1922 until his death in 1965.

Sir Winston Churchill had a great sense of style and appreciated the finer things in life.

The exhibition will be open to the public for two weeks in October. I will tell you more about this event in forthcoming newsletters.

I am in the early stages of planning which photographs to exhibit and who to send press releases to. Amongst the photographs on

display there will be classic and supercars, my www.stellascordellis.com website will tell you more about me in this field.

Oh, by the way, the title to my exhibition is:-

"A Drive Down Memory Lane"

Where This All Began

My passion for car photography started when I was a child and shared my brothers'

interest in anything with wheels and an engine.

I started my photographic career at just 15 years old when I went to work at a

photographic studio in Croydon as a Saturday girl.

I left school the following year to start an apprenticeship with a three year

day release course at their commercial studio.

It's been a long and varied journey and my love of photographing people as well as cars has

led me to explore this exciting direction my business takes me to.

The Rolls Royce, Silver Cloud 1963 below was photographed as part of my course work whilst at college,

and looking back this is where it all began...

Thanks for reading. If you didn't go to the Wilton Classic and Supercar Show  this year,

its well worth going to next year, you won't be disappointed!

Bye for now.