Buckmore Park Launch with John Surtees OBE and Paul Hollywood

Buckmore Park Launch with John Surtees OBE and Paul Hollywood On Wednesday 15 July I was invited to the launch of the new Buckmore Park Kart Circuit, in Chatham, Kent. John Surtees OBE who is the only person ever to have achieved world championships on both two and four wheels, has recently taken ownership and wanted to spread the word.

This is the track where Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button practiced as youngsters. It is also where John’s own son Henry began driving as a child. John’s passion and enthusiasm will help to make Buckmore Park a major feeder for youngsters to further their career in motorsport, what better place to start. Buckmore Park is recognised as one of the UK’s premier outdoor karting circuits.


A group of enthusiastic friends, associates, press and media individuals watched as John introduced us to the John Button Suite in memory of Jenson Button’s late father.


John Surtees OBE founded the Henry Surtees Foundation as a result of a freak accident that ended his 18 year old sons life at Brands Hatch on 19th July 2009. Henry was one of the best young drivers of his era. The foundation was created to assist people with brain or physical injuries caused by accident to help them with their recovery.


The John Button Suite in honour of John Button, Jenson Button’s father. These beautiful photographs were unveiled at the launch of them together.


Photograph above of John introducing us to the track with his PA Sharon Bowness on the right and Rebecca Leppard on the left his PR manager.


Paul Hollywood the ‘Great British Bake Off ‘ presenter took time away from filming to unveil a new fleet of 50 karts and demonstrated the 2016 modelSodi RT8 390cc before we were allowed loose on the track. Scott Malvern racing driver, driving the striking blue and yellow Formula 2 car used by John to win the 1972 Japanese Grand Prix. The photographs below show John in the middle with Paul Hollywood on the left and Scott Malvern on the right.


I was amongst the first people to test drive the karts, I felt the adrenaline rush as I prepared in my red race overalls, protective gear and helmet, taking my place in kart number 5. It was a fun 7 laps, I don’t think I’ll take racing driving up any time soon as I managed to come last in my team. It was great fun, I can highly recommend it! I found it a great opportunity to capture this historic moment and to watch others enjoy it too, there was a lot camaraderie taking place.

For those who preferred to experience the track from the comfort of the clubhouse there was a simulator which was just as popular.


Photograph above of me in kart 5, thanks to Mariusz Goslicki for taking this one and the one below of me with Paul Hollywood and his son Josh.


Good to meet the guys above from The Drone Company who shot this brilliant footage.


Photographs above left Paul Hollywood in a reflective mood with his son Josh and on the right John Surtees OBE looking very proud.


Above on the track, everyone was keen to have a go


Photographs above a map of the track and my results. A great day out for all the family to have some fun time. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back in two weeks with more to share. Bye for now.


Stella Scordellis

British Photographer with a career spanning over three decades, photographing people, events and collections.