Luxury Supercar Tours

On Thursday 5 FebruaryI had the pleasure of attending the McLaren showroom at 100 Knightsbridge.

Andrew Carter from Redline247 hosted the evening to promote the Luxury European Supercar Tours 2015.

The tours promise to deliver luxury, exclusivity and VIP treatment. Judging by the conversation last night,

these are driving experiences designed to thrill, with expert organisation and attention to detail.

A car lovers dream - with everything taken care of.

The Pirates Of The Road

This is tour one and starts at Wilton House in Wiltshire onto London, Paris, Munich, Milan and Maranello. June 7th - 13th

The Black Run

This is tour two and starts at Blenheim Palace onto Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany.  September 5th - 12th

Andrew together with his wife Vanessa from Pandora Events take care of everything, it was a pleasure to meet them and their team.

Stella Scordellis Redline247 Mclaren
Stella Scordellis Redline247 McLaren 1
Stella Scordellis Redline247 McLaren 2
Stella Scordellis Redline247 McLaren 3a
Stella Scordellis REdline247 McLaren 5
Stella Scordellis Redline247 McLaren 6

The Elite Show - London Biggin Hill Airport - May 2015

Last week I attended a pre launch evening at Rizon Jet - London Biggin Hill Airport.

It was an introduction to meet the organisers and exhibitors of the The Elite London Show on 8 and 9 May 2015.

I can only described this as a luxurious haven for anyone looking for the perfect jet or supercar to add to their collection.

London's most exclusive jet set lifestyle event, featuring over 100 luxury lifestyle brands.

This is the second time Rizon Jet are hosting the show after last years huge success.

The evening took place in the hangar and was a taster of what was to come, I won't say too much as I want to tell you more closer to the time.

I'll be photographing the construction and assembly of the show, very exciting.

To book tickets to this exclusive show please visit their website to find out more.

To showcase your brand at the show please get in touch with Roxana, her email address is  

Thanks for reading I'll be back next month with more news.

Bye for now.


Stella Scordellis

British Photographer with a career spanning over three decades, photographing people, events and collections.